Delivery Management App for Salesforce (FREE)


The is simple app to demonstrate the Salesforce Platform capabilities. The app allows you to capture Delivery Confirmation (Proof of Delivery) within Salesforce using any mobile devices, take a picture of a delivery item, get an eSignature from the customer, and mark the geolocation where package was delivered on one screen. Check out below video overview, use case, and how to install this FREE open source app in your org and get started!

QUICK Demo Video SHOWING how the app works:


Business Problem:

Universal Container is having the following business challenges with their current need to effectively track the deliveries a driver make every day.

  • Too much paper work for Driver and Staff to track
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Google Chrome O.S. & Chrome Web Store wonders

I have been always fan of Google and it’s offering. Their products and innovations motivate me to do something my own as well. Yesterday Google launched their Chrome Web Store, which is, I believe, the start of a new revolution for web applications and blessing for web developers. I have been long waiting for the beta program to get the first insight into it.

Today, just tried few applications on chrome web store and the idea looks good. However, I am not very sure how the entire O.S. web based or living in the browser will play among end users. There are many existing web based O.S. already where they provide you everything in a browser including office and many …

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