Delivery Management App for Salesforce (FREE)


The is simple app to demonstrate the Salesforce Platform capabilities. The app allows you to capture Delivery Confirmation (Proof of Delivery) within Salesforce using any mobile devices, take a picture of a delivery item, get an eSignature from the customer, and mark the geolocation where package was delivered on one screen. Check out below video overview, use case, and how to install this FREE open source app in your org and get started!

QUICK Demo Video SHOWING how the app works:


Business Problem:

Universal Container is having the following business challenges with their current need to effectively track the deliveries a driver make every day.

  • Too much paper work for Driver and Staff to track deliveries
  • Information exists in multiple systems
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How to put a Cloud ☁︎ icon on your Twitter name using Mac

Cloud background

I started noticing that many people have neat cloud icon ☁︎ on their twitter name or other websites. It grabbed my attention, as I am very focused on Cloud platform. Thus, I wanted to put a cloud icon on my twitter name as well. However, I couldn’t find the information easily how to do that, especially using MAC computers.

Finally, after hit and try, I figured it out. Check out my twitter profile @KashifAhmed to see how it looks. Well, I decided to do a quick video on this and share with you all. If you want to put a cloud icon or any other shape on your twitter name using Mac, please watch the following video that will …

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Startup Weekend: Lessons Learned – Part 2 – Do’s & Don’ts

dosanddonts-kashiThis is the part 2 of my start-up weekend series. In this post, I will be sharing few Do’s & Don’ts that you should consider when attending your next start-up weekend.

(Note: This is totally based on my personal experience and my reflection on it.)

If you missed the part 1 of this series, here is the link: Startup Weekend: Lessons Learned – Part 1

Do’s of Start-up Weekend

  • First of all – just have FUN and ENJOY your time to go through this wonderful experience
  • Keep your idea simple and pitch it as you feel about it. Follow the following 60 seconds structure guideline to pitch your idea: (Don’t practice too much)
    • 5-10s: Who are you?
    • 10-20s: What’s the
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Startup Weekend: Lessons Learned – Part 1

This post is to share my last year Twin Cities Startup Weekend experience back in Feb 2012 in a 2 part series of posts (my attempt to keep me motivated to do blogging more often).

It is a long over due post. I originally wrote this March 2012 and it had been sitting in my draft since then. This year, I have made a goal to actively blog and share my experience with technology adventures with you all. So, here the story goes:

After watching the buzz around startup weekends locally in MN, Iowa, and Omaha, I was excited to finally be able to attend TwinCitiesStartupWeekend 03 on Feb 10, 2012.

I started preparing the pitch for …

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5 Worst and 5 Best Ideas – Assignment for Venture Lab Virtual Course

I am finally trying to come back to blogging now. Instead of being perfect in my blog and ended up not writing anything, finally I have decided to flush out the thoughts I have as it  is and continue sharing the information that I love.

I signed up for Free online Virtual Class offered by Standford i.e. Venture Lab ( taught by Chuck Eesley ( and Amin Saberi. It seems like a great course. Over 30,000 people are actively involve and taking the course across the world. The interested part is that they are following Business Model Generation ( framework.

The reason for my this post is to share with you all the first …

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