Startup Weekend: Lessons Learned – Part 2 – Do’s & Don’ts

dosanddonts-kashiThis is the part 2 of my start-up weekend series. In this post, I will be sharing few Do’s & Don’ts that you should consider when attending your next start-up weekend.

(Note: This is totally based on my personal experience and my reflection on it.)

If you missed the part 1 of this series, here is the link: Startup Weekend: Lessons Learned – Part 1

Do’s of Start-up Weekend

  • First of all – just have FUN and ENJOY your time to go through this wonderful experience
  • Keep your idea simple and pitch it as you feel about it. Follow the following 60 seconds structure guideline to pitch your idea: (Don’t practice too much)
    • 5-10s: Who are you?
    • 10-20s: What’s the
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Startup Weekend: Lessons Learned – Part 1

This post is to share my last year Twin Cities Startup Weekend experience back in Feb 2012 in a 2 part series of posts (my attempt to keep me motivated to do blogging more often).

It is a long over due post. I originally wrote this March 2012 and it had been sitting in my draft since then. This year, I have made a goal to actively blog and share my experience with technology adventures with you all. So, here the story goes:

After watching the buzz around startup weekends locally in MN, Iowa, and Omaha, I was excited to finally be able to attend TwinCitiesStartupWeekend 03 on Feb 10, 2012.

I started preparing the pitch for …

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Life cycle of a Consultant or an Employee


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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’s view in any way.