Launching Your App on AppExchange – Knowing the Unknown


Last December 2013, I presented a virtual webinar as part of Twin Cities Developer User Group (@TC_DUG) on “How to Launch Your First Cloud App on AppExchange platform”. In addition, in Feb 2014, I also presented on the same topic at Twin Cities User Group (@TCSFDC) Meeting. Both presentations had been combined and merge into one to provide you a complete view of the technical and functional information that you would need to learn about the roadmap to success launching the app on AppExchange platform.

Though, cloud application development was fun, especially on platform, it was quiet an interesting experience going through the process of launching the app on AppExchange platform. has done a great job providing great level of information. However, it sometimes become overwhelming as well. Thus, after launching the following two paid apps on AppExchange in 2013, I felt the need to share my learning experience and provide a checklist to others who want to launch their app in the future. The app I launched are:

My Favorites App by WebiderCRM

Travel Management App for



Slide deck


We recorded the virtual session for Developer User Group. So, if you are interested to watch the recording, please watch it from Ready Talk website.

Webinar recording playback:


Hope this will provide a good starting point to all who are interested in developing an app and launching it on AppExchange platform.


If you have any tips that you would like to share in this regards, please mention in the comments section below.

— Kashi

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