Dreamforce 2013 (DF13 ) Recap

Some of you might know that I co-lead Twin Cities Salesforce Developer User Group. In one of our sessions, we recap the experience of attending Dreamforce 2013 (DF13). I would like to share some of the significant learning from the session that will help all the developers, admins, and business users.salesforce_admin_app_logosalesforce1_logo

Summary of the Dreamforce 2013

The theme of the conference: “Internet of Things”

  • 120,000+ attendees
  • $100 million economic benefit to San Francisco
  • 27 Live DJs performing
  • 5,000 gallons of coffee served
  • 2,700 kits for homeless children packed
  • $2,090,000* won via 1st ever SFDC hackathon (see all the apps developed here: Submissions | Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon)
  • Largest developer zone ever (3x larger!)

Major Announcements & Features


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Why does an organization need or opt for CRM?

If one would conduct a survey on the use of CRM,it is highly possible that the results would
include concerns from Organizations. Mostly shortcomings on expectations and on the way it is managed from the part of the users and the implementers.In spite of all this, organization feel the need for
CRM and rightfully so, as it enhances your all important, customer service delivery.

Outlined below are some of the major reasons, why Institutions feel the need for CRM. I will be mentioning customers in my points below, as these aspects cover private and public sectors:

  • Building perceptions of your Organization

This involves, using the collected data on your prospects or customers to convert it into actions that change your …

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How to put a Cloud ☁︎ icon on your Twitter name using Mac

Cloud background

I started noticing that many people have neat cloud icon ☁︎ on their twitter name or other websites. It grabbed my attention, as I am very focused on Salesforce.com Cloud platform. Thus, I wanted to put a cloud icon on my twitter name as well. However, I couldn’t find the information easily how to do that, especially using MAC computers.

Finally, after hit and try, I figured it out. Check out my twitter profile @KashifAhmed to see how it looks. Well, I decided to do a quick video on this and share with you all. If you want to put a cloud icon or any other shape on your twitter name using Mac, please watch the following video that will …

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Launching Your App on AppExchange – Knowing the Unknown


Last December 2013, I presented a virtual webinar as part of Twin Cities Salesforce.com Developer User Group (@TC_DUG) on “How to Launch Your First Cloud App on Salesforce.com AppExchange platform”. In addition, in Feb 2014, I also presented on the same topic at Twin Cities Salesforce.com User Group (@TCSFDC) Meeting. Both presentations had been combined and merge into one to provide you a complete view of the technical and functional information that you would need to learn about the roadmap to success launching the app on AppExchange platform.

Though, cloud application development was fun, especially on Salesforce.com platform, it was quiet an interesting experience going through the process of launching the app on AppExchange platform. …

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Startup Weekend: Lessons Learned – Part 2 – Do’s & Don’ts

dosanddonts-kashiThis is the part 2 of my start-up weekend series. In this post, I will be sharing few Do’s & Don’ts that you should consider when attending your next start-up weekend.

(Note: This is totally based on my personal experience and my reflection on it.)

If you missed the part 1 of this series, here is the link: Startup Weekend: Lessons Learned – Part 1

Do’s of Start-up Weekend

  • First of all – just have FUN and ENJOY your time to go through this wonderful experience
  • Keep your idea simple and pitch it as you feel about it. Follow the following 60 seconds structure guideline to pitch your idea: (Don’t practice too much)
    • 5-10s: Who are you?
    • 10-20s: What’s the
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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’s view in any way.